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Ahad, November 25, 2012

May I take your order please??

Hari ini da belajar pick up phone call..okey..kslau nk diikutkan,secara teorinya aku tak ada masalah sangat..dan setakat exam tu,memang rasa-rasanya boleh skor..cuma a few question yang rasa macam confuse kiranya tak mencapai la cita-cita nak dapat full mark..ahaha..actually nak cerita about answering customer call..hari ini ahad pulak tu..and start answering call since 6pm which is a peak hour..yelah..saat-saat manusia kemalasan berleluasakan??so memang kelam kabut..dah la tak ada experience..if pick up phone call paling-palingpon bila my dad call..every morning..same script..
"nak makan tak?kalau nak makan bangun."
Which is absolutely different from what i am doing currently..nak kene follow the script..confirm address..familiar with system lagi..

everything when blank when i got my first customer order..chaitt!!teori je baguz..praktikal macam hampeh..ade one customer ni call,happen to be (bad luck maybe) im the one who pick up her call..and she ask me about i something that add to my blurriness today (tak tahu if word blurriness is exist..or i just invent a new word?)she ask about something which the only thing i understand is regular pizza for RM0.10..and i was like (dalam hati ajelah),
"eehh..aku tak pernah diajar pon pasal bende seposen ni"..
And i raised my hand asking for the team leader to assist me which in the end,i just make her (my team leader) handle the customer..and i also have a quiet fussy customer but its just a part of what i will face when i pass the audit..haha..

Tak tahu how they manage to say every single line perfectly and key in the data into system in a short period..siapa yang i answer call tadi most of them i will say,
"hold on please sir/maam"
Which is not good as if im in the customers shoe,i will think i just waste my credit..huhu..and also,as they give me the script in english,when they speak malay,my malay was like sooooo kelaut..jahanam gittew..

Tapi yeah..i do think this job is easy before..but once i experienced it myself,it wasnt an easy task..tapi orang kata, least i learn a new thing everyday which excite me..hihi..

Oh of my collegue kene marah dengan customer and he just said,
"rilex lah bro..sayapon baru je masuk kerja ni.." which make me laugh but somehow,it is actually rude..hihi..i will have my audit this wish me luck goal is i nak be a team leader!!!

So,as a conclusion,kalau kita ni nak call customer service,marah macam manapon,fikirlah kalau kita ada kat tempat orang tu macam mana perasaan dia..dinarah atas kesalahan yang dia tak buat(usually).. Kesian taw..

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