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Jumaat, Januari 27, 2012

Salah Paham

to whom it may concern,,,,
saya betul-betul serius..saya tidak main-main..hari tu kita jumpa kawan saya dah ikut cakap awak..buat macam yang awak nak..tapi tak dapat jugak...saya cube terangkan gune mesej awak marah...awak tahukan sekarang cuti semester??tak kan la saya nak duduk UTM tu sensorang??sayapun ada keluarga juga..hati keluargapun perlu dijaga..seperti yang saya cakap,saya akan balik awal untuk jumpa dengan awak untuk elakkan salah faham...and mesej yang saya bagi tadi bukan bertujuan untuk kurang ajar..cuma mungkin awak membacanya dalam keadaan marah...apa-apa pun saya mintak maaf...

yang benar,

Rabu, Januari 25, 2012

Bedtime Story from grampa..

Once upon a time there were two girls who were really pretty and were the best of friends.
They were studying at the university of bright cantik girls where only the most beautiful intelligent girls could study. As the years went by, they continued to score 100% in every exam, impressing all the other perempuan in the university. These two girls were becoming the talk of the university for their intelligence and of course their pure beauty.

They had wonderful friends who always use to hang out with them and do some really amazing activities with, so they were always having fun, playing hard but studying hard at the same time.

They seemed to have everything, but it wasn't until the majority of their friends got boyfriends.

Maybe they were too clever for any boy to pluck up the courage to start dating with them, or was it their pure beauty made it so that the boys would only think 'they are too good for me'.

This matter seemed to get the girls down, but they were still performing in their studies.

It wasn't until long when this really handsome man came along when things started to change in the university. He was studying at the local university for guys, called University for superior boys. He was the new boy in town.

One day the two girls went off campus to get some Tutti frutti and met this guy there, they approached the handsome man and soon got talking about all kinds of things. They exchanged numbers and arranged to meet another day.

This time the handsome man brought along one of his friends, another handsome man, and before long everyone was getting along just fine.

The happiness of the two girls could be seen at University, and soon people could tell that they had met their prince charming. All of their friends wanted to know more about the handsome men... sooo they told their friends about how amazing the guys are and how they like them alot.

After meeting up on several occasions, they both started dating.

Over the next few years they got on well and both had finished at their respective universities. Everyone got top marks and scholarships to proceed with their studies.

It was then when the handsome guys wanted to take the opportunity to propose to their beautiful girlfriends.

They proposed by the most adorable way anyone could think of, there are variations of the romantic stories today.... and of course the girls said yes

They had the most beautiful weddings, with all their friends and husbands all attending to wish them a fantastic life and future.

They grew older together having the perfect children together, who also got accepted into the universities they attended.

They brought up the best family and live happily ever after.

~~The End~~

Isnin, Januari 23, 2012

boring lagik...

boring lagi...
masih lagi tercari-cari idea nak write up a story..
idea anyone??
sumpah kering kontang pikir idea...
sampai pening-pening kepala nak write up bende tuh..
harap-harap tiada siapa yang gelak..hihihi...
so,thats all untuk update hari ni..

p/s: update sebab boring yang melampau...

jatuh jatuh dan jatuh lagi

konklusi yang aku dapat buat sepanjang aku da lame tak berblogging ni ialah:

bile kite jatuh cinta,kita akan banyak menghabiskan masa di:
1) depan cermin
2) depan henpon
3) depan laptop

maigodddd~~akukah itu?