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Sabtu, Oktober 09, 2010

lesson dr mubie

suda agak lame aku menyepikn diri...
make utk entry kali ni,aku akan tulis ape yg aku dapat dari menonton crite how i met your mothers..
act,this story was fun!
sape2 yg xpnah tgk,mai dtg bilik aku amik cite die,wokeyh?..
so,ini antare lesson about gurls:

no 1:

never break up with a gurl on her burfday expecially dont leave ur 'breakup msg' on her answering machine~

no 2:
one of the 24 similarity between gurls and fish is- they DO attracted to shining objects~
kalau inilah umpan yg digunekan,bkan kate ikan je suke..nasib xbek,ngan duyung2 skali kowg bley pancing aww..xcaye,tanye maya karin..

no 3:

love is not a science. sometimes you juz have to accept that certain things cant be explained..and thas kind of scary...

no 4:
 love is'nt a maths..
u cant calculate the feeling..
when u fell in love wif sumone a 8.5 could be 10

no 5:
the lemon law sucks!(from the moment the date begin, you have five minute to decide whether u are going to commit to the entire evening. and if you dont,there's no hard feelings,just "good night,thanx for playing,see you never") it takes longer than 5 minutes for you to actually know sumone...

no 6:
keep giving up on people so quickly could make you missed out something great...

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