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Rabu, Mac 16, 2011

manyak-manyak telima kasih~

dear bloggie,

lately i've found myself being in a different world..
i'm not being myself,
i'm in mess,

and my room is like a wrecking ship..

thanx to my dearest friend,Firhad anda Fyda who were always there to support me through thick and thin..
not forgotten to my roomate,Nana,and my 'gile-gile' friend,Krul..
and to Fera,Niza,Kak Yah and Yani,thanx for always be by my side to make me smile(even im look ugly when smiling too much)
and lastly thanx to all of you who read this entry..
pray for me so i could be strong enough to face my problem..

and to you,
thank you so much for making me smile yesterday..
you know who you are ryte??
next time,i'll buy you mcd keyh??

pee/ass: bajet bile sedey-sedey bley speaking la??kelaot kau english!!! kihkihkih..
saye budak baru belajar,kalau salah,tolong show me the way(ala-ala Maher Zain nyanyik)
and hell yeah!nowadays,trouble is really being a good friend to me...   =)

2 ulasan:

Amiey White berkata...

hehe malaylish best tapi jangan ewwww sudah hihi

Penggali (OM) berkata...

xpe2, jdi bhse rojak lagi sedap utk mkn, wahahaha