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Isnin, Mac 28, 2011

that's what friends are for

"when things getting harder and you feel the pain in so many ways,to Allah you should ask for help...and if you find its hard to sleep toninte,zikrullah will make you can always cry whenever you want to cuz thats the best thing being a lady...Allah created us,woman wif a great combination of power(heart and tears) to help us think,calm ourselves and learn to take all the time you need to rilex cuz when you do,you'll feell better and the cheerful and spirited JULIANA NATASHA will stand again..=)"
thanx to FIRHAD DANNYLIA cuz be wif me all nyte semalam merapu-merapu walaupon my condition was really unstable but after you gave me that message,i cry..i really miss you guys  a lot...thanx again darl~

actually,tataw pahal tapi rase cam @#$%^^%$#$%^&* sangat!!

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dAnNielyA_bLo0m berkata...

ahaks....malu la cm ni....hihihi
babe, cyg ko tau...